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Policy statement

COLSER Policy Statement

Solidity, experience and dynamism. These are the elements that have distinguished our way of operating for over 30 years now. Driven by a goal to offer high quality services in a market in which price competition and the logic of profit have often squashed and standardised supply, COLSER knew right from the start that they would need to rely on other factors to distinguish themselves from the crowd: the first step was to create a work method; the need to control activities and acquire the art of self-assessment soon followed; the organisation’s evolution then led to the need to “systematize” the company’s activities in order to guarantee results, environmental sustainability and protect the health of their personnel. But it’s not just a question of method: high standards of quality can only be achieved by organisations in which the system is “strongly felt” by all of its components. Commitment to the principles of social responsibility is a natural progression from this point and constitutes a formal act bearing witness to the Cooperative’s natural vocation for subjects such as aggregation, integration and sharing.

For COLSER, working within quality in current times means finding the right answer to customer needs, using appropriate resources, means and skills, in compliance with applicable regulations, favouring the use of eco-friendly products and the development of processes with the lowest possible environmental impact, assessing and preventing health and safety risks for workers, without harming the dignity and rights of employees, creating synergies with clients and suppliers and setting themselves as a role model for the community in which they operate.

This policy represents COLSER’s desire to make themselves known and share their principles and approach with anyone who may be interested in doing so:
Quality: we take great pains to provide services that match the expectations of those that we deal with and allow us to compete on various fronts so that we can be reliable partners and at the same time “hubs” of excellence of strategic interdisciplinary and interterritorial networks, interesting leading figures in potential synergies with large “general contractor” groups, privileged participants in discussions with public administration regarding privatisation processes, with the power to reason in terms of territorial planning.

Safety: our staff are our greatest asset, towards whom COLSER has a duty to adopt policies to protect their health and physical and moral integrity through continuous, lasting improvement of the level of safety and quality of the services supplied in the belief that these two aspects are inescapably interrelated with each other;

Environment: COLSER undertakes to operate with respect for the environment in the interests of sustaining a sensible and tolerable way of life on this planet, without forgetting the importance of our every gesture, leaving nothing to chance, and commitment to sustainable development of the territory through promotion, both internally (through members and employees) and externally (through suppliers and clients), of a culture of respect for natural resources and the environment.

Social responsibility: COLSER operates with respect for the fundamental rights of their employees, as individuals and as workers, refusing child labour, guaranteeing the right to freedom of association and collective agreements, without discrimination of any kind, rejecting any form of coercion, applying only those disciplinary actions permitted by law, respecting contractual agreements (in terms of hours and remuneration), and aligning themselves with universally acknowledged principles on the subject of the protection of labour (ILO Conventions, Universal Human Rights Declaration, ONU Convention on childhood rights, …) and national and international regulations deriving from the same; the level of attention given to staff encourages the involvement of members’ families and the communities to which they belong, through the desire to conduct a sound entrepreneurial activity, without forgetting the cooperative vocation for principles of solidarity and mutual assistance, implementing initiatives in favour of the community and the territories that have witnessed COLSER grow and develop.

Integrated Management System: operators see the organisation as a reference point, a community with which to share needs, expectations and goals, in a collaborative atmosphere. As a result, every single person plays an important role in COLSER and knows that they are a fundamental part of a complex organism, the value of which depends on and brings results to everyone involved.

To ensure that this Policy does not become a mere declaration of intent, COLSER places an emphasis on training and communication as the means with which to pursue their mission.
To this end, dissemination of the Policy becomes the first step towards involving the entire staff.
This Policy will also be distributed to suppliers and made available to clients and the community with the aim of promoting the principles contained herein and sharing the same with any parties having an interest in COLSER’s activities.
The same management/control system governing all company processes becomes “fertile ground” for discussion and growth at all levels in the organisation.

Parma, April 2009

Cristina Bazzini
Company Chairperson

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